Unique Approach to Music

Explore Celtic Tunes Mixed With Bluegrass, Folk, and Country

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Sharing Tom’s Passion for Creating Great Music

Looking for unique music in Boston, Massachusetts? Check out Tom Courtney Music! His unique sound and style expertly blend elements of Celtic music with Bluegrass, Folk, and Country.

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About the Singer

Introducing Tom Courtney, a talented singer and guitarist from Dublin, Ireland—one of the world's most revered music cities. His rich musical heritage is evident in his distinctive sound and unforgettable live performances throughout Boston.


Impressive Style

Recognized as a true class act, Tom is an accomplished guitarist who supported numerous Irish and contemporary acts over the years. His unique style and amazing technique made his success as a solo artist no surprise.

Ask About His Next Show

For more information and general concerns about Tom Courtney’s show, feel free to reach out.